Dumagat Freedive International Freediving School

Learn and experience freediving in Dauin with the country's longest-tenured professional freediving instructor.


Founded in 2014, Dumagat Freedive is a locally run professional freediving center in the Philippines. Formerly located in Romblon, now in Dauin in the province of Negros Oriental.

The word Dumagat is derived from a tribe of semi-nomadic people who have long resided in the coastal areas of northeastern Philippines, where their lives have always been intertwined with the sea. The choice of this name resonates with our deep affinity for the ocean and our unwavering commitment to providing top-class freediving education.

With access to depth within swimming distance, we can spend more time freediving instead of spending a great deal of time boating or traveling from the shop to the dive site. Dumagat Freedive offers personalized freediving education using SSI’s world-class training methods, materials, and standards.

SSI prepares and evaluates their freediving instructors like no other, making them highly skilled, professional, and among the best in the industry. A member of the RSTC in the United States and the WRSTC in Europe, and one of the very few training agencies holding a global ISO certification, your training, whether recreational or professional level, is recognized anywhere in the world.