Dumagat Freedive

Learn how to freedive in Dauin, Philippines with the country’s most experienced and longest serving professional freediving instructor. SSI, AIDA and RAID accredited.


Become a confident, comfortable, and safe freediver through Dumagat-Freedive6SSI’s internationally recognized freediver certification program.  The SSI teaching philosophy emphasizes proper knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience as a foundation to become a confident, comfortable and safe freediver.  We believe in the old adage that practice makes perfect and use the SSI’s Comfort through Repetition approach.  It is a lot easier and more fun than you might think.  Scroll down to learn more!

Discover Freediving  Discover freediving in just one morning or an afternoon and spend more time enjoying your holiday!  No homework, no exam, just more fun!  Perfect for those with limited time and those who aren’t sure if getting a certification is for them.  Learn the basic concepts and safety rules of freediving.  Maximum depth of 10 meters (33 feet).  3000 PHP.  On PROMO for 2000 PHP.


Freediving Level 1   Two days of fun and adventure where you learn about freediving equipment, breathing techniques, relaxation, physiology, safety, equalization, body position, and technique.  You will learn and practice the skills necessary to freedive down to a maximum 20 meters (66 feet) in a single breath.  12500 PHP.  On PROMO for 10000 PHP.

FreedivingL2Freediving Level 2  Three days of improving your technique and further understanding freediving theories.  Learn advanced freediving physiology to further understand what happens to your body as you freedive and how to train your body for freediving.  All subjects covered in Level 1 are also reviewed.  Dive down to a maximum of 30 meters (98 feet) using a more advanced equalization method!  18000 PHP.  On PROMO for 15000 PHP.

FreedivingL3Freediving Level 3  This specialist deep freediving course will provide you with all the necessary knowledge and skills to dive to a maximum of 40 meters (131 feet)!  4-5 days of learning and freediving past the residual volume of your lungs.  Learn how to become a more confident, comfortable, and safe freediver.  22000 PHP.  On PROMO for 18000.

Freedive Session / Remedial Training  For certified, those that require additional training days towards completion of a course, and/or experienced freedivers.  Equipment not included.  1000 PHP per session.  On PROMO for 800 including equipment.

Freediving Instructor  Turn your passion into a career and start living your dream!  Delivering the gold standard in freediving education, highly qualified SSI Freediving Instructors live their lives that people only dream about.  Freediving Instructor Candidates should be fit and flexible individuals that can display outstanding watermanship.  During the 10-day Freediving Instructor Training Course, candidates are provided with the knowledge and skills to conduct freediving programs in a safe and enjoyable manner.  Candidates are evaluated on their water fitness, freediving performance, professionalism, academic and in-water teaching, general freediving knowledge, and understanding of the SSI Education system.  Visit https://www.divessi.com or send us a message for more details. 

Full Freediving Equipment Rental  Full wetsuit, low-volume mask, freediving fins, snorkel, weight belt, and weights.  750 PHP per day.  On PROMO for 500 PHP.

Breath-hold Workshop  A half-day course where you learn how to breathe for freediving.  Learn about the techniques used by professionals to train on their own.  Safety is also covered and practiced.  Be amazed to see how long you can hold your breath with proper training!  Please inquire about availability and pricing.

Frenzel Equalization Workshop  A 1 or 2-day course for those with equalization issues.  Gain in-depth knowledge of the Frenzel method.  Learn the exercises that will help you equalize with ease.  Learning Frenzel is not as difficult and complicated as you might think.  This course includes an in-water session.  Please inquire about availability and pricing.

Mouth-fill Equalization Workshop  Learn the fundamentals and master the mouth-fill equalization techniques.  2 to 3 days of classroom and in-water sessions where you get to understand and practice the technique.  Students must know how to equalize using Frenzel.  Functional Residual Capacity (exhale) diving is also covered as an effective way to train for the technique.  Please inquire about availability and pricing.