Dumagat Freedive International Freediving School

Learn and experience freediving in Dauin with the country’s most experienced and longest-tenured professional freediving instructor.


Google MapsGracey Dive Resort, Capitan Ponso Street, Dauin, 6217 Negros Oriental, Philippines

Dumagat Freedive is located in Dauin (pronounced as dow-in) in the province of Negros Oriental. 15 kilometers south of Dumaguete City, Dauin’s coast is known for its world-class macro diving. Several marine protected areas along Dauin’s brown sand coast offer amazing underwater scenery- from beautiful corals to exotic marine creatures. 

Some of the commonly seen aquatic life forms include the flamboyant cuttlefish, seahorse, ornate ghost pipefish, painted frogfish, devilfish, parrotfish, and turtles, of course. The clear water along the coast is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, freediving, and scuba diving. The freediving training site is within swimming distance from the shore.

Dauin is also the jump-off point for getting to the renowned Apo island, known for its impressive diving. Dumaguete can be reached by flight from Cebu in less than an hour, and less than 1.5 hours from Manila. From Dumaguete, it takes 20 to 25 minutes to get to Dauin by public transportation or conveniently, by private drivers. Dumaguete can be reached relatively easily from Siquijor in less than an hour, Tagbilaran (Bohol) in 2 hours, and Cebu in 2 to 6 hours by one of many ferry connections.

From Dumaguete pier, take a tricycle to the bus terminal. Take any southbound bus and ask the conductor to drop you off in Dauin. Small jeepneys also leave Dumaguete every 15 minutes or so by the fruit market (around the corner from the church) along Colon Street.

Dumagat Freedive operates inside Gracey Dive Resort. The resort can arrange to pick you up from the airport or the ferry terminal. If traveling by public transport, ask the conductor to drop you off by the public market in Dauin. The resort is roughly a 5-minute walk from the highway, and a hundred or so meters along the street directly in front of the church.

Time tables, hopping on ferries, pump boats, buses, jeepneys, and tricycles take time. Don’t rush. You might as well have fun with the journey or it can get frustrating. When in a major city like Manila and Cebu, using the Grab mobile app to hail transport is highly suggested. Departure and arrival times can change due to some reasons. Please check the ferry operator’s website for up-to-date schedules and bookings. Keep in mind that transportation changes and delays are fairly common in the country. Be flexible with your travel arrangements.

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