Dumagat Freedive

Learn how to freedive in Dauin, Philippines with the country’s most experienced and longest serving professional freediving instructor. SSI, AIDA and RAID accredited.

Floris, Netherlands

“When visiting Romblon, we met this guy Louis, he told us about the freediving training he was doing with Dumagat Freedive, and the good instructor Emil. 

I was curious, went to Emil and it was immediately clear that he is a professional instructor, relaxed guy, friendly and funny. 

Decided to do an introduction course together with my wife. 

Now I had never succeeded in equalizing, so was never able to dive below 2-3 meters when snorkeling. Emil taught me how to be completely calm, pre-equalize and then keep on equalizing with every increase of depth. It worked so well!!

So the first day I was able to reach 15m underwater. It felt amazing and I was so happy! 

Thanks again and see you soon!

@everybody: I can highly recommend Emil as an instructor and freediving as an experience! (And maybe even as a new ‘hobby’) :)”