Dumagat Freedive

Learn how to freedive in Dauin, Philippines with the country’s most experienced and longest serving professional freediving instructor. SSI, AIDA and RAID accredited.

Niels, Belgium

“I normally don’t write reviews, for the reasons that I am simply not good at this and I don’t want to be misleading. But the experience I had was so good that I had to. I had some freediving experience before, so a friend recommended me to go to Romblon and dive with Emil. I did the SSI level 1 and asked Emil to focus on safety & blackouts. And so he did with excellence. Not only does he reveal the best freediver in you, but he also affects you on a personal level. He gets to the core of what freediving is about. Every day we had not only training dives, but so much fun dives, it’s great! The location is just perfect, and the gear is excellent. I stayed at Totoy’s place (great food and drinks!), and that made the whole experience even better. I feel that I’ve made some real friends there. I can’t wait to go back to resume freediving.”