Dumagat Freedive

Learn how to freedive in Dauin, Philippines with the country’s most experienced and longest serving professional freediving instructor. SSI, AIDA and RAID accredited.

Vendicks, Philippines

“I’d give more than 5 stars if I could! Dumagat Freedive, what an experience! A very well-equipped dive center. I can definitely say that Emil is one of the best if not the best instructors out there. The guy’s a legend, the nicest and friendliest person and at the same time very professional! He teaches a student everything that is needed for that course and more importantly, he does it in a more personalized way depending on what an individual needs and/or what they a do, maximizing everything you can possibly improve. I hope I can go back soon! Definitely enjoyed Dumagat Freedive for the training as well as meeting these wonderful people, Emil and Laura. Thank you, Emil!”