Dumagat Freedive

Learn how to freedive in Dauin, Philippines with the country’s most experienced and longest serving professional freediving instructor. SSI, AIDA and RAID accredited.

Miriam & David, Germany

“We spent a total of 8 weeks in a row in the Philippines, but our week on Romblon island with Dumagat Freedive and Emil was one of the brightest shining highlights. 

Driven by the idea to boost our snorkel adventures we decided spice up our holidays with something challenging, a freedive course. We picked Dumagat Freedive because it had the best reviews and the island Romblon itself seemed to be off the beaten tracks. 

Emil taught us everything we needed to successfully complete the SSI Level 1 Freedive Course: breathing techniques, equipment, finning, streamlining, relaxation, freediving physiology, equalisation techniques and much more. For the course, Dumagat Freedive provided all the study materials, lots of fun, fins, wetsuits and if you need as well masks. 

Emil is a very very good and dedicated freedive instructor. We always felt safe and comfy with him. His humour always keeps a smile in your face and his patience but encouraging style ensures maximum success and a pleasant experience. Thanks again Dumagat Freedive for enriching our life with new sensations! Level 2 is in planning!”

Alex, Germany

Freediving at it’s best: Dumagat could not have done any better.  I did the level 1 and 2 Freediving course with Dumagat. Honestly, it was perfect. Here’s why: 1. Emil is a teacher who always fits the individual needs of his students (I was a little to pushy; my girlfriend was afraid under water). We both learned to enjoy freediving and developed a passion for it…”

Hans, Germany

“So you would like to learn how to freedive?
Then you just found the right place.
Instructor Emil is a very smart and sensible man
and he will take your worries in an instant.
Actually  I never experienced a relaxed state like on his yoga mat again.
I wish I could get into that moment again… feel the wind, hear the palm trees,
face hurting from smiling while trying to hold my breaths…
– and it really works: I was down 20 metres. Again and again. It really is addictive.
I even quit the rum to gain more dive power.
.. I will start holding my breath again…”

Floris, Netherlands

“When visiting Romblon, we met this guy Louis, he told us about the freediving training he was doing with Dumagat Freedive, and the good instructor Emil. 

I was curious, went to Emil and it was immediately clear that he is a professional instructor, relaxed guy, friendly and funny. 

Decided to do an introduction course together with my wife. 

Now I had never succeeded in equalizing, so was never able to dive below 2-3 meters when snorkeling. Emil taught me how to be completely calm, pre-equalize and then keep on equalizing with every increase of depth. It worked so well!!

So the first day I was able to reach 15m underwater. It felt amazing and I was so happy! 

Thanks again and see you soon!

@everybody: I can highly recommend Emil as an instructor and freediving as an experience! (And maybe even as a new ‘hobby’) :)”

Andrea, Germany

“Great freediving experience. I always wanted to try freediving and found Dumagat Freedive through Tripadvisor.
I did a try freediving session with Emil and can not recommend him enough. He makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe from the very beginning. It is easy to see that he loves what he is doing! 

Also the contact beforehand via email was easy and you can feel that he is willing to go the extra mile for his customers.

Emil, you definitely got me hooked! I will come back :)”

Veronique, Canada

“The best freediving school in the Philippines! Dumagat Freedive is a professional and fully-equipped freedive center. Emil is the best instructor you can find! I really loved my time there. He gave me feedback after every dive so I could correct myself, go deeper and freefall faster every session. As freediving is also a mind game, Emil always found the appropriate words to give me confidence and encourage me. During all the dives, I’ve felt safe and I knew I was in good hands. He was there for me and to assure my safety. Also, the shop has everything you may need, from full wetsuits to first aid kits and drinking water. Thank you so much Emil for everything (including the delicious ginger tea!). Without you, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to reach 35m (and I would even have gotten deeper if I had more time in Romblon). I highly recommend Dumagat Freedive!”

Rupert, Austria

“Freediving with Emil is like not being a person anymore. Emil introduced me to the techniques, basic knowlege and spirit of freediving. I felt in love with the island and freediving. I did the SSI Level 1 course and it was a pleasure to be under the care of Emil and his friend, Sylvain. Just do it and get to know the vibe of that fantastic Island and that intensely positive sport! I am looking forward to see you again, Emil!”