Dumagat Freedive International Freediving School

Learn and experience freediving in Dauin with the country’s most experienced and longest-tenured professional freediving instructor.

Viktor & Oriane, Germany

“For me freediving was something I have been wanting to try for quite some time. I have no particular diving background. More accidently, we found Dumagat Freedive in Dauin while traveling on the island. We decided to do the Discovery Course with Emil and made an unforgettable experience. He introduced us with great care and empathy to everything we had to know to do our first steps. He puts great effort in teaching the proper technique right from the beginning (which was quite a task, considering that we were total newbies to diving) while keeping a super relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. He provided us with all needed equipment and we went into the water. There he showed us slowly what we have to do. He never pushed for something and we could really move forward in our own speed. During the whole time we felt absolutely comfortable and safe. We both managed the 10m after some practicing, which was truely amazing for us and something we did not expect.

Emil is an amazing teacher and person you can really spend good time with. If you want to try freediving or become more experienced in this matter I highly recommend him and Dumagat Freedive. Go and make your own experience.”

Vendicks, Philippines

“I’d give more than 5 stars if I could! Dumagat Freedive, what an experience! A very well-equipped dive center. I can definitely say that Emil is one of the best if not the best instructors out there. The guy’s a legend, the nicest and friendliest person and at the same time very professional! He teaches a student everything that is needed for that course and more importantly, he does it in a more personalized way depending on what an individual needs and/or what they a do, maximizing everything you can possibly improve. I hope I can go back soon! Definitely enjoyed Dumagat Freedive for the training as well as meeting these wonderful people, Emil and Laura. Thank you, Emil!”

Manu, India

“I feel lucky to have had a superb course taught by Emil! Completed the SSI level 1, doing more than I ever imagined I could, and Emil slyly makes it easy.

A real experience, totally personalized and he teaches you based on who you are and how you learn. Super relaxed, he has a great set up and a peaceful place on the beach.

Excellent equipment and clear skill demonstrations, no room for confusion. On every session visited by turtles. Very cool.

I highly recommend Dumagat Freedive to anyone reading this, you are sure to have a great experience.

Emil is super fit and serves as a great example of how one should be!  Thanks Emil, had an absolute fantastic time!”

Grace & Callum, UK

“We had the best time learning to freedive with Emil! He really is a great instructor, always helping improve you’re technique or get through a mental block I always felt totally safe and in great hands the whole time. As a scuba instructor myself I can honestly say Emil has a great ethos to his dive school as it’s so personal, unlike many schools where you can feel like a walking wallet. We spent everyday getting experience in the water and afterwards chilled out and talked about our sessions. If we could have stayed longer and dived more we would have! Thanks so much Emil hopefully we will be back!”

Ann-Marie & Gunnar, Sweden

Translated from Swedish: “Freediving; An experience out of the ordinary and an instructor; Emil as having the greatest degree of commitment, professionalism, humility and knowledge gave us experiences and insights that we did not know existed. One of our eight great days in Romblon, we spent at Dumagat Freedive with Emil. He gave us the first insights and experiences in freediving’s precious art. He did it with panache. His peace, harmony and pedagogy impressed, and he got us, but we really do not understand how it happened, that the mental training and relaxation exercises to hold our breath for as long as we before thought would be totally impossible. After our exercises on land and on yoga mats, we spent several hours in the water. There, about 100 meters from the shore and at a buoy as a starting point, we made the descent one after the other. The feeling to dive down along the vertical rope is hard to describe. Even more indescribable feeling was that, after a number of attempts to reach ten meters deep and remain there for a while and then give yourself up to the surface again. Magical experience! Thanks Emil for your patience! See you again next year!”

Céline, Max, Carole & Guillaume, France

“We, four French 30-ish years old underwater passionates, spent 3 days with Emil in early May 2018. We all came with different levels of free diving experience, and different expectations: two of us had already been training for a year, one was a complete beginner, and I had some kind of empiric experience practicing spearfishing. Despite the very short time frame and heterogeneous audience, Emil managed to go beyond what we would have imagined. His natural confidence, extensive knowledge and strong professionalism enabled him to get the best from each of us.

After three open water sessions, we all managed to satisfy all the requirements for the SSI Level 1. Some of us even pushed their limits to amazing static chronos (4min40sec) and constant weight depths (25m), that they definitely wouldn’t have reached without Emil’s precious help and advices.

Moreover, the setting is as meaningful as perfect. A simple house on the coast line, integrated in its environment, at the end of the world, only one hundred meters away from the freedive spots. We almost felt like young Jedis undertaking an initiatory trip to meet Master Yoda.

We definitely recommend this amazing experience and wish all the best to Emil.”

Colin, Quebec

Dumagat Freedive definitely changed my vision of underwater possibilities. Keeping your breath for as long as you can to go as deep as possible underwater could sound a bit stupid, but next to Emil it just feels right (kind of). He put me in so much confidence by his obvious experience and professionalism but also because he’s a super calm and patient motherfucker. I had no idea what I was getting into, Dumagat Freedive definitely changed my vision of underwater possibilities and opened a new world to me.  Thanks Emil, you’re a fucking legend!”

Hannah & Jack, U.K.

Unexpectedly, one of the highlights of our 5 month trip! …Firstly, awesome guys, and they didn’t try to sell anything to us at all, so were off to a good start. Secondly, they had literally the perfect thing for us: their ‘Discover Freediving’ morning or afternoon course. After a brief chat about what it would involve, we decided to go for it. Next day we did the course…. It was by far, the best decision we could have made, and was actually I think one of my highlights of our 5 month round-world trip! The guys are so sound yet professional, and Emil was such a clear, calming, patient teacher. I won’t go into too much detail about the course content, but basically on the shore, among many other things, we learnt all about how to breathe before and after the dives, and how to deal with the urges to breath when the CO2 builds up; then in the water we put it all into practice (and even were privileged enough to do it alongside Sylvain while he did his own personal training – involving 60m+ dives!). The whole time Emil was talking us through everything, encouraging us, telling us where we could improve, and was even diving down with us on every dive (for safety, and presumably so he could assess our progress). After the ‘official’ training, Emil stayed out with us in the water for as long as we wanted while we practiced everything we had just learnt, giving tips and/or encouragement when we asked/needed it. Back on shore I was on cloud 9 and we hung around for a good while eating cake in the amazing beach/forest setting with the guys and kind of part debriefed, part shared our new-found enthusiasm for the sport, and part just talked nonsense! Anyway, gotta stop typing now! All in all it was really a great experience and I couldn’t recommend it higher. We probably would have done further training if we had more time and a higher budget.”

Niels, Belgium

“I normally don’t write reviews, for the reasons that I am simply not good at this and I don’t want to be misleading. But the experience I had was so good that I had to. I had some freediving experience before, so a friend recommended me to go to Romblon and dive with Emil. I did the SSI level 1 and asked Emil to focus on safety & blackouts. And so he did with excellence. Not only does he reveal the best freediver in you, but he also affects you on a personal level. He gets to the core of what freediving is about. Every day we had not only training dives, but so much fun dives, it’s great! The location is just perfect, and the gear is excellent. I stayed at Totoy’s place (great food and drinks!), and that made the whole experience even better. I feel that I’ve made some real friends there. I can’t wait to go back to resume freediving.”

Elena, Germany

“I had never done freediving nor scuba diving before and I was afraid of being underwater. Hard job for Emil, the teacher at Dumagat Freedive. In the end, I spent more than three weeks at this wonderful place, diving almost everyday and overcame my fear of the water. Emil is such a professional and patient teacher with his heart in the right place. Hope I can come back some time.”